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The great debate… House or apartment, apartment or house?

It’s the age old question and often a source of great debate for property investors. House or Apartment, Apartment or House?

Whilst investing in a house has some great pros and cons, so too does investing in an apartment. Here are 6 top pros for investing in an apartment.

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Buying off-the-plan is very different to a traditional property purchase when you enter into an agreement with a developer to purchase a property that is yet to be built.

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7 ways to pay off your mortgage more quickly 

A mortgage is probably the biggest financial responsibility, and most significant investment, that you will make in your life. Here's how you can pay it off faster.

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4 Things you need to know if you own an apartment

The humble sinking fund may be about to undergo some changes in NSW. This is how it could affect you.

Firstly, what exactly is a sinking fund?

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Help! There’s no money in the sinking fund.

What do you do when there’s no money in the sinking fund or the administrative fund to pay an essential expense?

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Under 35’s are the new property investors

Did you know that the average age for investment property owners is now 34 and in Gen Y category, it is 25 with 16 percent of generation Y owning two or more properties?*

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