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5 things to do before you buy an investment property

Purchasing an investment property is a dream for many Australians. The process can seem overwhelming, but it’s actually quite straightforward once you’re armed with the right information.

There are five essential considerations for every would-be first-time property investor.

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6 reasons to invest in an apartment, not a house

House or apartment? It’s the age-old debate when it comes to property ownership, and the decision can be a difficult one for investors.

Although there are pros and cons for both options, there are a number of compelling reasons why investing in an apartment, rather than a house can make sense.

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4 reasons to refinance

If you’re feeling stressed about your financial situation, refinancing your mortgage could be the smartest financial decision you’ll make.

Refinancing is simply the process whereby a new loan is taken out to pay off the current mortgage – effectively switching from one lender to another.

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